My story

Searching for direction.

I've heavily contributed to 3 commercial applications in my professional career.

Starting the application as the lead developer, getting the project to a beta, then investors and other developers join the mix.

In the process of selling of my latest project I needed to look ahead to the future.

I've never worked a 9-5 job before and I was interested in working one. I started interviewing around and I noticed many of the development shops (client work) and in-house work both had a serious lack of senior developers.

An idea!

I decided it was my responsibility to analzye what made me a better developer and spread this information around as much as possible.

Purchasing abetterdeveloper.com began my adventure. I started giving back to the community by speaking at every ruby shop that will have me. I come in and give an upbeat, engaging talk to their developers on what made me a better developer. The purpose of my talk is to point their developers in the direction that was successful for me; with the goal of igniting a hunger within their team to become better.

Making developers better directly reflects on our industry generating cleaner, easier to maintain code. Code that brings joy rather than headaches. I want to make my home a better place.

Let's do this.

Want me to come speak to your team? Send an email to joel@abetterdeveloper.com

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