Work life balance while time traveling

You come out of a binge coding session with a massive sense of accomplishment; but the sun has gone down, hours have passed and it's almost as if you have traveled through time.

But what about the people around you, or the lack thereof?

Obtaining and Maintaining a work life balance is something that I continually work on.

Previously weighing in at 300lbs, unkempt and a workaholic; I have overcome these things and here are a few tips that helped me:

1. Schedule social time

People are stupid by nature, avoiding social interactions alienates you from stupid people. Then, when you must interact with stupid people it is all the more aggrevating.

2. Movement is life

We were made to move, not sit still. Moving and stretching frequently throughout the day is an absolute must as well as having a secondary form of excercise such as a 20min run at the gym or playing a league sport like kickball.

3. Try new things

Being fantastic at one thing is pre-internet talk. With the free and accessible resources online we can learn to do pretty much anything for a small amount of money. I've been learning guitar over the past year and I'm on the road to becoming a great player. I've also recently gotten into cooking.

4. Meaningful relationships

Life change happens in the context of relationships. Meeting new people and developing meaningful realtionships is essensial to survival on this rock.

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