Why does this site exist?

I set out to become a better developer and this site serves as a place for me to share what I have learned along the way. Why?


Hi, I am Joel Beasley; I teach good developers habits to become great developers.


Ruby, Music, Drawing and Public Speaking.

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Modern CTO

Things I have learned


Getting better faster

A few techniques that helped me become a better developer, faster.


The forgetting curve: Importance of Pairing

The forgetting curve shows us how we forget information over time. How we consume the information affects the rate at which information is forgotten...


Work life balance while time traveling

You come out of a binge coding session with a massive sense of accomplishment; but the sun has gone down, hours have passed and it's almost as if you have traveled through time.


Sandi Metz taught me how to love.

My tests, Sandi taught me how to love my tests. I thought testing sucked until I understood this testing pattern.

People I've learned from

Things I've Read

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